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Mobile Car Valet Frequently Asked Questions

Our 12 most asked questions, if you have a questions that isn't answered here feel free to contact us for an answer.

1. How much does it cost to have my vehicle valeted?
As all vehicles come to us in different states the price to valet them varies accordingly. One of our team would be more than happy to have a look at your vehicle, advise you on the best course of action and of course, let you know the cost of the job before we start.

2. How do you wash my car without using water?
Our spray-on wipe-off earth friendly liquid lifts the dirt right off the surface of your paint. All that is left  behind is a light residue which we remove with our yummy soft microfibre towel to leave your car shiny and protected

3. Will it scratch my car?
Absolutely not. Our products are totally scratch free. The products we use have over a 20 year history and have been thoroughly tested.  Our service is regularly being used to clean and protect many vehicles, including many luxury brands. The top secret ingredients in the product captures the dirt and lifts it from the surface of your paint. It is then removed safely with a clean microfibre towel.

4. How long will the service take?
Our services vary from one to four hours depending on your vehicle and the level of service you require. Ask the Mobile Car Valet owner how long it will take to clean your car at the time of arrival.

5. Where can I get service?
We have two ways you can use our service:

  1. We are totally mobile so we come to you! A valet can be done almost anywhere (depending on weather conditions) like in a car park, on the street, at your home or even where you work. 
  2. We are happy to take your vehicle and valet it offsite if necessary and then return it to you.

6. My car has tinted windows, is that ok?
Absolutely! Our glass treatment is completely window tint friendly.

7. What forms of payment do you accept?
Mobile car valet accepts Cash, Gift Vouchers, Direct Credit (Internet banking, Phone banking) Personal cheques.

8. Is it better for the environment to clean my vehicle at home or take it to waterless car valet?
When you wash your vehicle at home it can be damaging to the environment and you probably will use an excessive amount of water, often containing lime, chlorine, calcium, etc and sometimes up to 300 litres! The water, along with all of the soaps, cleaners, road grime and oil, all filter into the ground and can run into the storm system. These waters can then flow directly into our lakes, streams and rivers. Parking lot charity washes are the same although councils are requiring water to be diverted from the storm water drains. They use an excessive amount of water and pollute the environment. Mobile Car Valet do not waste any water.

9. Will frequent cleaning ruin the finish of my vehicle?
Most vehicle manuals say to frequent professional car cleaners because clear coat treatments and wax protectants protect your vehicle from the damaging effects of weather or UV ray damage. Frequent cleaning is actually good for your vehicle.

10. Is it safe for you to valet my convertible?
Yes, we clean convertibles often at mobile Car Valet.

11. What if I don’t have the time or money to clean my vehicle regularly?
How can you afford NOT to protect one of your most costly investments? At Mobile Car Valet we offer safe, fast, high quality cleans at affordable prices.

12. Are the products used at Mobile Car Valet bad for the environment?
No. Our products are safe for the environment as we leave virtually nothing on the ground.