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Learn more about Mobile Car Valet

Mobile Car Valet provides you with a clean, vacuumed and polished car. Using no water hoses, vehicles are cleaned with natural, scratch-free, spray-on and wipe-off liquid using soft microfibre materials that are safe for the car and safe for the planet. 

Our microfibre is produced specifically to stringent requirements and is woven together with the right blend of polyester and polyamide to create a resilient hightech, long-lasting scratch-free towel. This gives it a huge surface area for scooping up dirt, oil, and grease to leave a vehicle’s paint work, windows and interior shiny and scratch-free. 

We have a fantastic range of services, everything from wash and vacuum to hand polishing, cut and polish, carpet and upholstery shampooing and more!  We clean cars, station wagons, ute's, vans, SUV's, RUV's, coaches, boats, aeroplanes, caravans and more. 

We have gift vouchers and pre-sales grooming packages available whether you are selling your car and need it in ship-shape or enjoy the benefits of a clean and tidy car.